Dobbelt Ds Definitive DVD Podcast

Welcome to Our Podcast

Double D's Definitive DVD Podcast is very nerdy DANISH podcast, where we talk about films, DVDs, and ponder the meaning of life.

In every episode Dennis Rosenfeld and David Bjerre (that's us) review DVDs from every corner of the world and we talk about old classics from our extensive collections.

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You can easily subscribe to our podcast, but keep in mind that most of our shows are recorded in Danish only. We may record selected shows in English from time to time, in which case you can find a direct link to that episode on this page.

Shows in English

Audio Commentaries

Every now and then we record an Unofficial Audio Commentary in English. You can subscribe to just these shows, and visit the special blog we've created for them.

Interview 2: Joe Alves, Production Designer

Double D had the unmitigated pleasure of interviewing one of the most prominent artists in Hollywood, Production Designer Joe Alves.

About Us

David Bjerre

David Bjerre works for the DVD retailer Laserdisken. He spends an awful lot of time on films. He also reviews films in the podcast I Kassen med David Bjerre, and he writes about film on The Single-Minded Movie blog, when time permits. He also helmed the short film "Gabriel's Word".

Dennis Rosenfeld

Dennis Rosenfeld is studying for his masters at the University of Copenhagen. He watches a vomit inducing number of films. When he's not doing research, script reports or book reports for others, he's writing his own projects, which he also directs, including: "Non HoSonno", "En Sikker Vinder" and "Gangsterland".

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