Dobbelt Ds Definitive DVD Podcast

Double Ds Definitive DVD Podcast

Interview with Joe Alves, Production Designer

5th June, 2008
Running time: 86 minutes (39,5 MB)

Double D had the unmitigated pleasure of interviewing one of the most prominent artists in Hollywood, Production Designer Joe Alves. Besides working on three of Steven Spielbergs early films, Joe has had a hand in several other interesting projects, and he even directed "Jaws 3-D". It's these smaller projects and Joe's directing career which is our subject in this interview.

Joe Alves in The Making of Close Encounters

To enjoy this interview fully check out the corresponding webpage, full of screenshots form the scenes Joe talk about, and which elaborates on some of the things he briefly mentions.

Thanks to Lars Detlefsen and Søren Hyldgaard, without whom this interview would not have taken place.

A very special thanks to Joe Alves and Jerri Lauridsen for kindly taking the time to do this interview.

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