Dobbelt Ds Definitive DVD Podcast

Dobbelt D anbefaler

Hver uge udnævner vi UGENS ANBEFALING blandt de film vi har anmeldt. Her er listen over disse film, der udgør toppen af poppen, det bedste af det bedste!

Episode 217: A Gift for Fiction

Episode 215: The Bigger 3-Wood

Episode 213: Comparing himself to Rosa Parks

Episode 212: TLC

Episode 211: Banging Your Tuna Girlfriend

Episode 210: A Short film About Killing

Episode 209: Gummy bears?


Episode 206: Hitler's pool man

Episode 205: Daaaaaaave!

Episode 204: Este carne es de rata

Episode 203: And stuff

Episode 202: A Fit of Happiness<

Episode 201: A Banana-Broccoli Shake

Special 134: Chicks with Kicks, Vol. 1

Episode 200: The Wrong Kind of People

Episode 199: Morrison cut your goddamn dead baby!

Episode 198: Fremspring på svingtuden

Episode 197: What's the P stand for?

Episode 196: Vordingborg er ikke det værste sted

Episode 195: Rock a pocket of puke

Episode 194: The collected works of Jacqueline Susann

Episode 193: A stupid alien

Special 125: Halloween - Dansk kød på bordet!

Episode 192: Special Forces Unit Texas Thunder

Episode 191: Tiny salmon chasing that impossible dream

Episode 190: A little blonde holding up national defense

Episode 189: That Little Frenchman Beats 'em All

Episode 188: The third best hole

Episode 187: Remember group sex, Jimmy?

Special 123: Shananigans - The Jest of Shane Black

Episode 186: A creature that goes both ways

Episode 185: Be wary of very scary, hairy Larry

Episode 184: Young. Tall. Thin.

Episode 183: Not the Gary Cooper that's dead

Episode 181: Pat Nixon had sex in my room

Episode 180: At 12:10 the hand became alive

Episode 179: Man's grasp exceeds his nerve

Episode 178: F**ked up, poisonous choices

Episode 177: Why are the innocent punished?

Episode 176: P*ssy Communist?

Episode 175: We can't all be Bozo the Clown

Episode 174: A Really Expensive Bunny Appendage

Episode 173: A Whale's Vagina

Episode 172: Wind in her hair and gum on her shoes

Episode 171: 68, December 30, 0500 hrs.

Episode 170: Baker's got it all wrong

Episode 169: The mainstream of 20th century thought

Episode 168: You'll Always Be a Prince to Me

Episode 167: It's how fast you get up that counts

Episode 166: La luna del cacciatore

Episode 165: What about sparrows?

Episode 164: A box of tissues and a nip of brandy

Episode 163: A mean motherf**kin' servant of God

Episode 162: Make it Suntory time

Episode 161: Pimps and whores

Episode 160: God?

Episode 159: The gases surrounding Alpha Centauri

Episode 158: Gunfight at the El Toro

Episode 157: Piranha Gun! Oh yeah!

Episode 156: The FLDSMDFR!

Episode 155: Beauty and Acting

Episode 154: No ritual animal slaughters of any kind!

Episode 153: Planet of the Female Mummies

Episode 152: Thirsty, maybe. Curious, maybe.

Episode 151: Stupid, ignorant son of a bitch, dumb bastard!

Episode 150: DA-DA-DUM!

Episode 149: Worried about dinosaurs

Episode 148: Stop eating my sesame cake!